Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday 12 22 19 morning call

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This is Annie Reichart in a photo by Richard Hallman. Obviously, not taken yesterday.

3am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
No southerly energy at the buoys, check the Lahaina webcam.

North shore
10ft @ 9s from 50° (NE)
6.8ft @ 11s from 358° (N)

Pauwela's readings is what's in the water, plenty energy from the N and the NE, the problem is the strong wind. Seek sheltered places.

Wind map at noon

Kahului Tides
High Tide     High Tide     Low Tide     Low Tide       Sunrise   Sunset
12:37a  +2.2  11:13a  +1.6   6:32a  +1.0   5:58p  -0.3    7:00a   5:52p    

North Pacific has a new small NW fetch and the windswell one. The one circled in blue is now oriented towards the mainland, but we should get some angular spreading.

Nice strong fetch in the Tasman Sea is unfortunately blocked by New Zealand.

Morning sky.

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