Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday 12 2 19 morning call

Visiting Julian Wilson was spotted surfing Harbor Jetty by John Patao. Next weekend there will be an HSA contest at the Jetty, but I doubt he will enter...

With such a large N swell, the spot to go was the west side. Wilson was spotted over there too while this is my pick of Jimmie Hepp's album of the windsurfing action.

5am significant buoy readings and discussion.
South shore
Too much N wrap in the water for the buoys to detect any southerly energy. The Lahaina webcam was heavily stuttering yesterday and it still is today, but if you refresh it enough you should be able to get a few images here and there. This one shows an unimpressive wave, but it's pretty clear that it belong to the N wrap. That means that there's waves in the Puamana and Lahaina area.

North shore
7ft @ 13s from 29° (NNE)

10.7ft @ 15s from 2° (N)

11.3ft @ 15s from 359° (N)

8.6ft @ 15s from 360° (N)
5.7ft @ 9s from 33° (NE)
2.6ft @ 6s from 48° (NE)
N swell still very solid, although slightly cleaner, the north shore should still be off limits for most (unless you find a very sheltered spot). The place to go is again the west side, the WSL ladies at Honolua will have similar conditions to yesterday. Far from classic, but chunky enough to show their skills.

Wind map at noon.

Kahului Tides
High Tide     High Tide     Low Tide     Low Tide       Sunrise   Sunset
7:01a  +2.2                     11:10p  +0.6                  6:48a   5:45p   

North Pacific has a NE windswell fetch.

Couple of small fetches in the South Pacific, but nothing of relevance.

Morning sky.

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