Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hookipa 12 12 06

I took so many photos today that selecting the ones to publish took me forever.

I think I got 20 winner shots or something like that. Too many to post on this page.
This time, I'll put them on my flickr page.
Click here to see them with my description or click here to see them as a slideshow (no description, though).
And don't forget to let me know how you liked the flickr thing, if it was fast enough to download, if the photos were big enough (I reduced the size of all of them but the Keith Taboul one... doesn't seem any different on my screen) and if you would like them instead all on this blog, like I've always done so far.
Also, don't put comments there, because I won't check that. Put them here, if you feel like.
For me, it was a lot easier to do, because I could do a "bulk" upload, all at ones.

Here's a video that is probably too long (almost 10 minutes)and at times not so exciting, but I didn't feel like editing it... 'cause it's freaking late! Hey, if you get bored you can always stop it...

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For the Mac users who can't see it from this page, go here.

Two words about the conditions.
The photos and the video don't show how offshore and gusty the wind was. I went out early and I am just stoked that I had a few fun rides without even a wipeout. I played it very safely and I like the fact that I've become (finally!) smart enough not to stupidly risk injuries and/or equipment damage.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Just FYI, Flickr loaded pretty fast on my computer.
BTW, Merry X'mas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comment, Jo.

Any more feedbacks out there?