Saturday, December 02, 2006

just a boring rainy day on the north shore... part three

First, a technical issue.
Michelle and Renata can't watch the videos and they both have Apple computers. Is there anyone out there that can watch the videos with an Apple?
If yes, would you be so kind to post a comment with your browser type and version? That may help pinpoint the problem... thanks.

Following, a little video from the one man canoe (OC-1) wave rideing session of 11 30.
It's not easy to get the right shots with the little water camera. In this case I just put the helmet with the camera on the boat in front of my feet. I will build a better support for it. Having been able to successfully glass the bottom of Big Blue gave me a fiberglass confidence boost... I feel I can build everything I want... we'll see!
Suggestions are always welcome.

Also, I feel the urge to explain a few things about riding a wave with a one man canoe. On the wave, the rudder is not effective anymore. Let's see who's the first one who guesses why... post a comment!
Without the rudder, the only way to steer the boat is with the paddle. You stick the paddle in the water on the right and that's where the boat will turn. Same thing on the left. Easy, right?
Unfortunately, not that easy.
An OC-1 has an outrigger (ama, in hawaiian) on one side. 99% of the canoes I saw have it on the left, but it works just the same on the right.
The purpose of the ama is to stabilize the boat, so that the boat can be thin and fast. Kayaks, for example, don't have the ama and they are wider, slower and more wobbly (at the same time, turnier too).
On the wave, the ama on the left tends to steer the boat to the left. So, to just go straight, you have to stick the paddle in the water on your right to counterbalance the friction of the ama on the other side. Being this friction variable with the angle of the boat and the shape of the wave, the pressure on the paddle needs to be dynamically adjusted. And even though it may sound difficult and complicated, it's a lot of fun...


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And here are the best still pictures I caught. I'm just going to post them all. I'm still looking for a sw that would allow to flick thru multiple photos in a single post.

Part four with the still photos of H Bay still to come. For that one, I defenitely need to find a flicker... Stay tuned!


Sharon said...

I love this video, it exudes pure joy & the windsurfing boom iaku crack me up. I’m reminded that we all think so small. The adventures you have been on and magic you’ve created since busting loose from the system is a good reminder that we all have to follow our dreams. So, today maybe I’ll see if the jibe wants to be my friend!

OK-enough mushy shite. As to the rudder question I suspect it has to do with the angle of the canoe, which, if not entirely flat in the water causes the rudder to become inoperable. Did I win?

Anonymous said...


Some of your videos I can view some I can't. Also sometimes I can view one and then next time I can't. Not sure what that's about.


ps I have a new I mac

cammar said...

Norm, what internet browser do you have (and what version, if you can find that out)?

Sharon, thanks for the kind words.
Thanks also for your guess, but it's not that.
As for your jibe, the only way to learn is to try a few thousands of them... so go for it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Giampaolo,

Keep up the good work! I can see all the videos, and I'm on a mac. I'm using the following version of Safari (my browser), Safari 1.0.3 (v85.8.1)


Anonymous said...

crap I have to figure out what browser version it is ??? Christ, time to jump out of my hole and get technical. But it does seem that the macs are the issue on the whole (another hole). I have the G5 also, so i'll try to figure out the browser deal. till then i'll enjoy looking up yer pants in the pictures instead!

Anonymous said...

Hi Giampaolo

Safari 2.0 has problems with the way flash video is embedded. The "Flashvars" seem to net be read inside your "embed" tags. It works on their sample site... they create an object that has an aditional parameter tag for the "Fashvars" containing the source URL.
Hope this helps....

Anonymous said...

Ciao GP,

hm, the question of the rudder on your canoe...just a guess, it is maybe a massive spinout, because it so huge ?

Lovely pictures of the canoe catain, the ladies will love it!

Just a rainy, windy days at Belgium's northseacoast, not following your advise about the 8 hour working attitude, I was to strugged out to surf.

Well, went to surfchurch yesterday and even the sun was shining, yep!
Still quiete warm in Europe.

Have some acction sunny days at the northshore,



cammar said...

Thanks guys for the comments! I really like interactions with the blog readers from all over the world.

As for the rudder question, Chris I like your massive spinout guess... :-)
But I should go a lot faster than that to spin out...

Here's a HUGE clue: do you think a boat can steer when it's not moving?