Monday, May 19, 2008

another sweet gopro surf session

That's the title of my last little video. Enjoy it.

The mount is a small flat plastic plate (it comes with the accessories you can buy on their website) with a superstrong 3M tape. On the plate, you can insert a quick release little arm on which the case is mounted. I put two plates on my 9.0 because I wanted to see the difference between the one all the way on the front and the one 10cm closer.
Result: the one of the very front does give a slightly bigger view of the surfing action, but turning the camera on and off requires me to slide those 10cm front and back on the board and that's something you don't want to do when you see a good wave coming your way...
So my suggestion is to put it in the farthest spot you can reach with your hand from the position you normally have when you paddle.

Well, since I now had two plates on my 9.0 I thought about using the front one to secure a safety line that would keep the camera attached in case the main plate would detach in the wipeouts. So far so good, that tape seems to be incredibly strong.
As usual, the video doesn't really show the height of the waves. Some of the waves I caught were well overhead (at least at the peak).
The thing is that (at least in that particular spot) I like to be in the upper third of the wave (where the wave is steeper and there's the most energy), so the camera will only show two-three feet of wave, even if there's plenty more under the board...
This to say that the mount survived big overhead sets on the head beautifully.
Now that I know how reliable they are, I grabbed a couple of more plates and put them on my other two main boards: an 8.6 and a 7.2 (stay tuned for clips of those ones). The cool thing is that if you don't feel like filming your session, the little plate on your board will not bother you at all.

In the meantime, here's another one from Thursday that I kept separate because it's a really long right. Not many places in Maui offer 38 seconds rides...
By the way, on the top right of this blog I added a link to my page on youtube with all my latest videos. Check it out, you might have missed some...
One of my favorites (and in my opinion quite underseen) is the tandem sailing one.

After two amazing days of surfing (that'll be Thursday and Friday), the trades kicked back on Saturday and Hookipa was really fun with sets up to head high.
I shot some clips with a new mount on the clew, stay tuned for those.
Sunday the wind was light and onshore and I gave my abused back a break.

The modelled weather maps show an unusual pattern for spring time. The high pressure is not as strong as it usually is in this time of the year and that will keep the trades on the light side. But that in Maui may well mean 5.2 instead of 4.7... Also, there's low pressures modelled to form north of us that could send some small swells out of NNW, but unfortunately nothing like last week's awesome one.

Beautiful clear skies here in Maui, perfect temperatures and ideal conditions for a full moon beach barbeque last night. Big thanks to (brazilian) Mario for cooking a delicious ahi in banana leaves and to Oly and Renata for the call.

Oh, almost forgot... I just got the last issue of Windsurfing mag. There's a nice article on longboard sailing by Josh Sampiero where they run again that magic helicopter shot that was published on double page a couple of years ago... this time a tad smaller :-)... stoked again! Get a copy at your book store or windsurf shop. In the meantime, here's that shot again. Thanks again to photographer David Blyth for taking it.

Here's a small quote from the article:
At the same time, Jeff Henderson’s longboard sailing on Maui had attracted some new followers – like the Italian Maui transplant Giampaolo Cammarota, whose voluminous blogging proclaimed to the world the pleasures of light-air wave sailing – even when he was living in high-wind heaven...

Last but not least, a few words of widsom from a fellow called Lee.


Brian S said...

Love the videos. What software do you use?

cammar said...

I use Windows Movie Maker that came together with my Windows XP.
Yes, it's possible to edit videos even without using a Mac...
On this topic, I just opened a new thread on my forum.
Blog readers that have something to say about that, please register on the HSM site and let me know. Thanks.

James Douglass said...

That is SUCH a cool helicopter shot. :)

fswp said...

superb, liked you're louis armstrong impression very much !!