Tuesday, May 27, 2008

three are the reasons...

...because I've not been posting much and with much enthusiasm lately.

1) I'm mildly unhappy for a back problem that I've had for a long time and in these days got a bit worse... sciatica, I believe.
I'm afraid I won't be able to go out as often as I used to, since I should rather select only the good conditions.
As a result, I stopped logging my sessions, since the QUOLI can't be applied anymore.
So, maybe now my life it's not going to be as good as it used to be... but it will still a pretty damn good one! And if Jean-Do was still alive, he would laugh at my back pain problems... an internal laugh, that'll be. So I better stop whining and appreciate the fact that I still live in paradise.

2) Other than a fun south swell last weekend, not much to report about. North shore is pretty much flat (waist high at Hoo today). A serious SE swell hit most of the Hawaiian islands last week, but Maui was completely shaded by the Big Island. The photo above is from there, Oahu got some big waves too just like the east shore of Kauai.

3) Thanks to my faithful VCR, that I bought used for 9.99 at Savers, I am recording and watching all the games of the NBA playoffs semi-finals... I love basketball!
Just a thought for you guys: have you ever wondered how it was possible that a technology like the DVD players completely wiped out an older technology like the VCRs, without providing for many years the possibility to record programs?
I can't watch an NBA game live on tv. It's ridiculously long and annoyingly filled with commercials. With a VCR, I can easily skip them. Mmm...

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Pat Caldwell for sending me the photo above and for his unmatchable Oahu wave forecast.
Making a wave forecast three times a week can be a very repetitive task. He always tries to make it interesting even with little tricks like these:

APR 23 - Long range estimates are subject to massive manipulation
APR 25 - Long range estimates are subject to abrupt detours
APR 28 - Long range estimates are subject to adjustments
APR 30 - Long range estimates are subject to high uncertainty
MAY 2 - Long range estimates are subject to sharp u-turns
MAY 5 - Long range estimates are subject to walks back to the chalk board
MAY 7 - Long range estimates are subject to low confidence
MAY 9 - Long range estimates are sketchy
MAY 12 - Long range estimates are subject to reeling in and re-tossing
MAY 14 - Long range estimates are sketchy
MAY 16 - Long range estimates are subject to recall
MAY 19 - Long range estimates are subject to generous juggling
MAY 21 - Long range estimates are subject to about facing
MAY 23 - Long range estimates are subject to re-shuffling

Massive manipulation, walks back to the chalk board, generous juggling... good job Pat!


Peter said...

Sorry to hear you have back problems. I hope you get well soon. Love to read your stuff, so we need you out on the water! ;-)

Lano said...

Sorry to hear about your back GP, rest up and look after your back, its the only one you have

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Deeply sorry about your back problem, hope not too serious!

Un abrazo

cammar said...

It's not too bad at all. I'm just not used to have to skip sessions.
Damn, now that I had the feel that my shortboard surfing was coming together...
Anyway, I'm seeing a physical therapist and doing stretching and it's already better.
Just a new thing I have to deal with. I've had worse things happened to me...

Anonymous said...

G, Accupuncture has helped me immensely w/ my low back, sciatica pain. It is well worth the cost!

Anonymous said...

GP, sorry about your back, get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi GP,

It could be worse, try a rug session to cheer yourself up. You could live where I do and have your water covered with ice 3 or 4 months every year! Then again, it does give me some downtime so my sore spots recover ....

By the way, I was reading the online version of the Maui News and an article mentioned a second lifeguard tower was in the works for Hookipa. It didn't mention where though. Do the locals know another one is on the way?


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the accupuncture remedy! I was rearended (not that kind!)years ago and I had two treatments (one for each side) 10 years ago and I have had VERY little problem with it since! There is a great accupunturist upcountry... ask around!
Accupunture doesn't hurt and to be free from pain without medication is the goal!
Be a big boy and take care of yourself!

uglyjiber said...

Hope your back feels better soon.

You know what the worse part of being on maui was for me?


It was my first sport, even before windsurfing :)

cammar said...

Thanks everyone, the back is doing better already with the stretching and the core muscles engagement exercises. No need for accupuncture yet.
I don't know anything about a second lifeguard tower at Hoo. In my opinion it would be higly unnecessary. Instead, there should be one in Makena. At least a seasonal one in summer time.

benjaminpink said...

Hey GP,
I finally saw The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last night on netflix. Great movie! I loved how it was filmed, beautiful imagery.
I recommend it to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that swears by his "inversion table" - it lets the vertebrae spread out a bit & relieves compression on the nerve roots.

Anonymous said...

sick shot of the BI waves, I'm green. My favorite has to be "massive manipulation". Oh how you could abuse that term in a sentence!