Friday, May 30, 2008

Happiness is...

...a wave sailing session at Hookipa without back pain!

Waves were mostly belly high with some occasion shoulder high sets... a lot of fun.
I put my GoPro on Diony's mast and gave him a two minute lesson on how to use it.
He said he landed a goiter... we'll see what comes out. No time to check it out tonight, bbq with friends is calling.
In the meantime, enjoy the Venezuelan sailor in a still photo.
Nice helmet, by the way!

...I wonder if the suction cup mount would work on it.


Rambo said...

GP Said .. i wonder if the suction mount would work on it??

Yep i recon it would GP. In the new feature video (Just another Day in Paradise) on the GoPro web site i used their suction mount at the very front and on the side of the outrigger hull where it copped a lot of force and you can see the spray coming off it when the nose purls. It does need to be a perfectly flat area though so the outer hard plastic protector prevents the water force from lifting the suction cap.

Cheers Rambo

cammar said...

Yo Rambo,
saw your video on the gopro website, good job!
Perfectly flat?
Sounds like Diony's cabeza... :-)