Saturday, March 14, 2009

da harbor part 2

More photos from yesterday's action.

Matt Kazuma Kinoshita.

This is still that wedgy wave by the jetty.

This is the left by the buoy instead. This wave is one of my favorite in Maui, but I hardly surf it anymore, because when it's good, it's supercrowded...
Hookipa lifeguard Matt gets barreled.

The guy on the right did a difficult late drop. Too bad he did it on someone already in the barrel (see him?). Pretty sure he didn't know he was there or he thought he had been swollowed already. It happens, it's part of the game.

Sprayful turn.

A sizey one.

A tug was checking the horizon at the harbor entrance. That made some pics more interesting.

Another really nice turn.

Someone tugged you in a photo...

The rest of them in this slide show.

Did you like these photos?
Okey, now check Chico's ones... as usual, he has some really good ones!
The guy in the sequence 12 to 18 was on fire. But all my respect was to every single one out there, specially the very young kids (some looked as young as 12!). The amount of water moving was impressive...

I'm not done at all with the report from Friday, since I did surf too and took some videos with the GoPro. I'll need a bit of time to edit it, stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of photos from today (Saturday) at Lanes.
Beautiful mother nature.

Too light for the windsurfers, a few kitesurfers did better. Someone told me that Kauli went on the rocks. Someone else told me that in the morning he took part to a yoga class full of hot girls. That should make it even.

I sailed Kanaha instead, and stayed out a couple of hours. Caught a few waves, but couldn't really ride them the way I wanted. The wind was incredibly offshore (the most offshore I've ever sailed it there) and that made the conditions extremely difficult. The morning low tide didn't help either, since the waves were quickly bowling close to the downwind channel and my timing was off most of the times.
But hey, I was out there in those beautiful waves. More than an hour completely by myself... loved it!
Kona days are special for me. Everthing is different: the light, the waves, the way the water moves, the sailing itself.
This is the Kanaha today's wind graph.
I went out at 12.20 right after that big lull due to a monster squall. 10 to 30 and check the direction... 90l and 4.7 Superfreak UL was my perfect combination thanks to which I didn't get drilled once. Stoked!

Funny how everything is relative. Someone called this short period waves (I guess me too in the forecast), but in reality yesterday they were 15 seconds and today still 13. Ok 13 is less than 19, but it's still double than the common windswell most people in the rest of the world usually gets to sail!

Here's the Surfline Waimea buoy graphic that shows the abrupt rise of the swell from noon to 6pm yesterday.

BBQ's calling!


Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

That shot at lanes is amazing! You're right about the light and see state on Kona different! The ocean in this photo looks like brushed silver. But where's Laird? ;-)

I also really like #8 in the Slide show! And that tug riding the swell is a great series and would make a nice triptych, although a bit mal de mer inducing.

Ely from NYC

Anonymous said...

Great shots GP. Both Matt's look chillaxed in this gnarly surf! The point was firing last night, awesome spectator surfing the last few days.

Anonymous said...

Awesome and there's me thinking you played at surfing!