Thursday, March 05, 2009

Maui's Ponta Preta.

Maui is an island. If the wind is side-on on the north shore, it's side off somewhere else...


KP sequence.

Nick Warmuth sequence.

Swift sequence.

Levi sequence. Last one is blurred, but I don't care.

Windsurfing legend Matt Schweitzer and his son Zane showed up. I don't even know which one of the two this is.





PS. Unreal performance of my little $300 12x optical zoom Sony camera + $85 1.7xlens + 2x digital zoom. No tripode... bare hands!!!


Anonymous said...

Kevin was on twinner, who else?

cammar said...

I believe Matt was the only one on sigle fin.

Please no guessing what the spot is. I don't want anyone to (stupidly) complain.

Hey, a professional photographer that knows the place and how bad it is for photos, said I did pretty good. Stoked!

Anonymous said...

I know where it is...
I'll keep quiet.
Great pics. :)


Anonymous said...

love the last picture of Nick, it shows some love for the sport

Anonymous said...

You said you wanted a massage on your previous post - I've been meaning to ask - did you get one?


cammar said...

Anne, I bloddy well did!

Hey Wave, shoot me an email.

BTW, best luck for a quick healing to Nick Warmuth who, unfortunately, seems to have broken his foot yesterday at uppers. Another victim of the footstreps.

Anonymous said...

strAps! not streps!

Rambo said...

" Anonymous said... strAps! not streps!"

Give Cammar a break .... some of the appeal of this blog is the funny grammar and splayed observations.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous said...

Maui's Ponte Preta was working today!Head high and peeling for a 1/4 mile!!

Fernando said...

Ciao! Which Sony model is that, please?