Friday, August 28, 2009

There we go, the Hookipa show is on again!

As forecasted on this website a week ago (I love when I see a swell before reading about it on some other websites) the first swell of the season out of the north pacific hit Hawaii.

It's unusually early in the season for a swell of this caliber. El Nino, la Nina, global warming? Nah, it's just that I booked a flight on September 1st and my proverbial luck is hitting again...

Yesterday Hookipa was head to half mast with occasional logo high bombs. The wind was the usual gusty offshore kind.
Till around 2.30 too many surfers (specifically, more than ten) kept the windsurfers out of the water, but when a few of them gave up the usual swap between the two groups of ocean enthusiasts happened.

I chose 81l and 4.7 (perfect, seen the light wind on the inside) and had a blast for the first half hour before it got really crowded. Still fun though. When the sailors are good, you can share waves up to three people per wave. And that's the only way to go, when it's that crowded.

With Francky shooting somewhere else, I took Erik Eader as my motivational factor. Even though he was only interested in Naish sailors (they had a photoshoot), I was imagining that he was shooting at me too and tried to sail as hard as I could.
Sometimes, all it takes is one really good wave to make a session. I had two of those, so I'm totally happy.

After my session, I took some pics myself.
Last time I took photos from the bluff at Hookipa was probably in May and I found my finger a bit rusty... so much fun though!
The one above is the first lucky shot I took. I just had the time to turn the camera on, zoom in and snap and there we go: Kim with the wipeout of the day, for sure!
And now, in strict chronological order, the other main page deservers of the day.





I can foresee a brother to brother phone call.
"Hey Levi, got any spare sails?"

Cookie is going to like this one.

I saw this one at the last moment and I'm stoked to have captured it nonetheless.
Charging hard is the only way Juanma knows.

Federico La Croce back in Maui after four years.

Pato is sailing good.

Dunno this guy, but this is a clean aerial.

Graham is going back to college on Monday. Sure enough he'll sail as much as he possible can till then.

Allright, there should be more action in the weekend, so stay tuned.

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