Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Felicia hits Maui hard

Check the damage!

Allright, I'm kidding.

The video is from Taiwan, where the typhoon Morakot is doing some serious damage.
Felicia, instead, hasn't done any damage at all (yet). It sent some waves to the east facing shores though! Waiehu side was big, but mushy, messy and closing out. Spoiled as I am after two months in Oahu's perfect surf I thought it sucked, while most of the other surfers seemed particularly excited to be in overhead waves in August... it's all relative, I guess.

Here's the latest satellite loop. No strong winds, maybe not even much rain.

Hey, check this other video. The police found a few a cars in the waters of Sardinia, Italy's finest. I'm too disgusted to comment.


Lano said...

whats with all the cars atthe bottom of the ocean? Artificial fishing reefs maybe? I was waiting for bodies to be leaning out of them!

Just looked at the Mauiwindcam, doesnt look too bad out there at the moment?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to make a positive out of a negative. I do know they deliberately take ships out to sea and sink them in order to make a habitat for the fish and coral (eventually)over here. Could that happen with the cars?


Rudie said...

That's plain dumping in the ocean, nobody'll notice!! Such a shame, as I saw last april, Sardegna's waters are the most beautifull of all Europe I think!!