Saturday, August 08, 2009

blog author caught in a cutback! + Nico's video part 2

Ray is a great photographer. Why? Because he makes me look good.

In the email he sent me with these photos he said:
"I seem to remember some guy talking about how windsurfers couldn't do cutbacks. I don't think he knew what he was talking about"
Good one Ray.
I still don't think that is a cutback, since I didn't do one inch of movement towards the right of the photo, so I wasn't cutting back. Just a slashing top turn which, by the way, is why twin fins are so much fun.
But who cares, it looks (and feels) good.

Even a little aerial! Now, that's a rarity.

Part two of Nico's Windkookin 2009 video. Lots of wipeouts at the beginning.

Windswell still steady at 6 feet, 8 seconds. With the high tide and the light wind on the inside, the shore break at Hookipa has already been gnarly. Monday is going to be interesting, even though it probably won't be sailable, since Felicia will bring onshore wind and tons of rain.

But somewhere on the island there will eventually be some rough stormy waves to surf. I'm getting ready to be humbly punished after two months of picture perfect surfing in Waikiki...

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Jump ISW 865 said...

Aloha Giampaolo!
I am back to Maui with my family until the 26th.

See you somewhere!

Giampaolo (Maui Addicted) & co.