Tuesday, August 25, 2009

two loves

I have two loves: surfing and windsurfing. I just keep getting perpetually stoked on both, depending on the conditions.

These days it's windy and there's a consistent windswell: 6 feet, 8 seconds from 60 degrees (60, that's why Hookipa has waves), so it's windsurfing's turn. The presence of Francky (mauiwatershoot.com rocks!) in the water is doing miracles.
I think I'm still not doing anything particularly good yet (compared to the good guys), but I'm definitely pushing it a bit more. And I'm having a blast. Can you tell?

I'm even jumping!!!
I might even go back to trying backloops one of these days... emergency room, I'm coming!

Today he was experimenting with a low shutter speed (that's how you learn, I guess). I don't mind the result at all...

Yesterday, instead, he did a photo shoot for three italian vacationers.
This is Marco from Rome, for whom I organized just about everything: house, car, gear, even the photoshoot: he had a really good time!

So, if you're coming to Maui, email me and let me take care of you. Nice one, Marco!

And don't forget that while Francky can take photos from the water, I can follow you and take videos with my gopros. One on my head, one on your boom, one on your head: I'll put them everywhere!
Matt from Oregon, for example, hired me last winter and, timely enough, he just sent me these three great shots to let us know that summer had been good on that coast too. Thanks Matt!

I had other clients this august, and I will edit their videos during my Italy trip. So don't expect too much blogging from there.

What else... oh yes! Today I saw a thing I never saw before.

I was sailing out just passed the waves when I saw a bunch of fins flapping in a quite limited area. "Da hell is going on there? Let me go check..."
You'll never guess: two manta rays were having sex!

How can I describe it...
Well, I guess 'one on top of the other and a lot of fins splashing' would do it, but it would not render the amazing feeling of being witness (together with Francisco Goya and Graham Ezzy) of such a wonderful thing.

Talking about Francisco, unfortunately he tweaked his ankle in an air taka at the end of a really fun session (after the wind dropped a notch, it was five of us for a while). Hopefully it's nothing too bad. I just love to see his smile out there... what a great guy he is!
Good luck Cisco!!!


tormod said...

Hi again GP, nice post and nice pictures and thanks for the share of info about Francky with mauiwatershoot.com. I was in fact looking for something like that and will for sure send him a e-mail later on when I arrive Maui. And as well I may contact you about some gopro session. sounds cool :-)

Anonymous said...

Trust you to decide that two manta rays were having nooky - they could have simply been swimming along in tandem.

I'll miss your blog whilst you're in Italy - enjoy your pizza and spaghetti at home.