Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epic, short and very rare: the final sequence

Back to Nick Warmuth on that Wednesday august 12.

I really love the background in these photos (click on at least one to appreciate it). And I must not be the only one, since Windsurfing magazine is evaluating to buy the fourth one (which I'm not publishing here). I really hope they do buy it, I can't wait to see it there.
Talking about windsurfing magazines, here's a brand new online and free one.

In the meantime, the wind started blowing again and Hookipa yesterday was a hell lot of fun. Perfect 4.7 wind and head high walls to hit right in front of the rocks.
I had a surf session at 6.30am on an east facing beach (horrible, the waves were too big and disorganized), then I had a first two hours windsurf session at noon and it was just five of us for an hour or so before everyone else arrived and then again another sailing session at 5pm till like 6.15 with light wind and glassy waves.

I can certainly say that I made the most of a day off... and I slept like a baby at night!
The windswell is steady at 6 feet 9 seconds and it should stay like that for a few more days, maybe even a foot bigger on Friday.
So shall the fun continue!

PS. This is a really, really good article about how humans fucked up the world (there's even an italian translation).


Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting your picture published. Of those you've shown your fans, my favourite is No.1.


Joe Agliozzo said...

what exactly did you have a "day off" from? hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest emag format. thanks

cammar said...

the pictures are not mine but a friend of mine took them.

Hey Joe,
the fact that I never talk about work on this blog doesn't mean that I don't work. As little as I can, but unfortunately I do work too.

nico said...

thanks for the link (WS Mag) it's simply astonishing!
The other one doesn't work, don't know why. I'll try later
Thanks again for sharing with us those pics

cammar said...

Shoots, you're right. That website doesn't exist anymore. And I don't remember the author of that great article. Let's see if I can find it again and post it in a next post...

benjaminpink said...

those are really great photos. I really like #1 as well, but I think the last one would make a great Hot Sails poster/wallpaper.