Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Little Beach + links

Little Beach never disappoints.

The guy is a 'traveling yoga teacher' and the (gorgeous) girl is one of his students from Switzerland. He's now teaching at Nadia's studio in Kuau if you want to learn some of that...

Before going to Little Beach I surfed a secret spot in that area. That's how it looked like.

Hehe, just kidding... unfortunately the waves didn't look nearly as good anywhere in Maui last weekend. The place is instead... Italy's most famous surfing spot: Varazze in beautiful Liguria.
More pics in this article on the website of Windnews, the italian windsurfing magazine I work for.

Incredibly smooth rodeo flip move by next door neighbor and Kazuma team rider Matt Meola on Surfline.


Anonymous said...

The "gorgeous girl" picture is so dark it's impossible to see whose limbs belong to whom so I'll just have to take your word for her beauty.


w said...

I can see her fine ;-)