Thursday, August 06, 2009

windkookin 2009 (part 1)

Just received this video from Nico.

The first part features some crazy Kona footage, the central part some of his Argentinian buddies (you don't want to lend your gear to Juanma!) and at the end there's a fat Levi section. Thanks Nico.

Hookipa is kind of fun these days with some occasional belly high waves and it should get better since the windswell is about to boost between Sunday and Tuesday thanks to hurricane Felicia that is forecasted to pass extremely close to the Big Island (if not over it). We'll see...

As for the south shore here's how Uncle Pat Caldwell summarizes how lucky I was in picking the period for my Oahu vacation:
Mid Wednesday on southern shores has the tail-end of a long-period southern hemisphere swell from 170-185 degrees, and is seeing the end of an exceptionally consistent pattern that made for nearly 9 weeks in a row of back-to-back episodes, excluding the low week after the 4th of July.

Last, but not least, here's an interesting article linked by Jake of FB. Every single one of us is contributing to that shit with our very often unnecessary plastic bags and items. The amount of polluting stuff we throw away in the States is ridiculous and shows a huge lack of care and/or knowledge about environment issues. A friend just moved to Canada and says that the reuse/recycle everything over there. Just like Germany and other northern europe countries have been doing for long time already.
Ok, I got to go now and that's a good thing, otherwise I would get too political...

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