Wednesday, December 29, 2010

24 days of clean surf

According to this blog's archive, the last windy day of December was the 5th.
According to the forecasts, the last non windy day was today.

A beautiful strip of 24 days of no wind in which the waves have been very clean.
A bit of a bummer that I couldn't surf for those 10 days that I didn't know I had a dislocated rib but hey... could be worse... could be 20!

Thanks to all the intense surfing, I got a tiny little bit closer to be able to surf like this.

Kelly slater from Bryan H on Vimeo.

That's all it counts for me right now. There will be one day in which I'll be conscious not to be able to progress anymore and that will not be a good day...
Or maybe it will, since I'll be 80 and still surfing! ;)

So, tomorrow there will be wind and considering I have a brand new windsurf board on the rack, it's not really the end of the world, is it?


Rik.Be said...

Holy crap!
You've got some nice material over there!

Keep on living the maui dream man... On 2011 gear :-)

Dave said...

GP, Howzit Brudda, OK, now that we are half way through winter, can you take back you September proclamation that this was going to be a "Shitty Winter". I really hated reading that two months before winter actually started. And with swell and wind on tap for the new year, I'd say so far, this winter has been pretty fucking good!! Happy "opu' New year!!

cammar said...

Yo Dave,
I'm very happy to take back my shitty winter September proclamation!!!
Happy OPU new year to you too (now, that's a happy new year wish I can take!!!)

Anonymous said...

it was windy on dec 15 most of the day 4.7 at hookipa so 1 day of sailing in there.