Sunday, December 05, 2010

photo contest runner ups

When I announced the photo contest, I didn't specify the judging criteria.
The reason is that there were none.
Whatever photo struck me most for whatever (very subjective) reason was going to be the winner.

Well, I'd like to thank all the people that sent their photo. So many good shots that I'm now publishing 9 runner ups before posting the winner tomorrow.
Here they are in no particular order with a brief comment from the head and only judge.

This one was submitted by Vincent Girard and was taken in the south of France.
I like:
- the framing. The sailor is completely off center and that gives you an idea of how much he travelled in his aerial (you can actually see the take off spot)
- the shadow
- the texture of the water
- the move

Submitted by Rob Born from Santa Cruz. I like:
- how the sailor fitted in the last little pocket of hittable lip of that otherwise already closed out wave. In other words, his timing/position.
- how the color of the gear (specifically the board) stands out in the white wash. BTW that looks like a 68 SOS, one of the most radical production single fins I've never tried. Wouldn't mind to own one...

Submitted by Garritt Rutgers, another blog reader from Santa Cruz. I like:
- how the light (sun must have been low on the horizon) enhances the yellows in both the sail and the board
- the sailor in foreground adds a lot of depth of field. Imagine the same photo without it... it just wouldn't be as good.
- the horizon is tilted. I do the same mistake all the times... this makes me feel better!

Submitted by Filippo Petraroli, Italy. I like:
- it's a rare Superfreak in Italy! This guy bought his first Superfreak because of me and he now believes that for sizes 4.7 and smaller they are the best sails in the world. Thanks for listening and thinking outside the box.
- the colors are very mediterranean (this was Adriatic sea).

Submitted by Gary Boats, Canada. The photo was taken by him during a Maui trip. I like:
- it's my backyard!!!!
- it's a light wind, big swell day in winter. The sailor will have to work his ass off to get out (channels are closing out), but he's alone out there and once he makes it, he's gonna love it
- the West Maui Mountain offers such a dramatic background

Submitted by Matthias Jansen (photo by Francis Brewer). I like:
- it's what I call Da Spot in Oahu where I spent two months in summer 2009 and loved it. It brings back some great memories
- nice angle
- nice aerial
- there's a chick in the foreground and that always helps

Submitted by Alexander Strezh, photo taken in Chile. I like:
- how the sail stands out against the white cloud of spray
- the water... brrr makes you feel cold just by watching it

Submitted by Paul Melgeorge. I like:
- that is one of the glassiest waves I've seen with a windsurfer on it at Jaws. And I believe that the same wave is shown in the Windsurfing Movie 2 that I watched on a big theater screen yesterday (awesome!). Next time I see Kai Lenny I'll have to ask him about that wave...
This photo nearly won.

Submitted by Chuck Mason. I like:
- classic Kona-Lanes conditions
- the incredibly bright light of a sunny Kona wind day
- nice aerial by Kai Lenny again

After so many great shots in such a variety of conditions, my usual "photos of the day" gallery may feel a bit boring... always Hookipa, always the same sailors, always the same colors, always the same angle...
It may, but it doesn't! So here we go in chronological order.

"Lalo, the waves are big... you shouldn't go out there!"
"Don't worry mum, I'll be careful!"
Just kidding. Marines Goya is a very sweet person. I call her my "adopted Maui mum"... hola Marines!!!


I see this guy often, but I don't know his name.

Jeronimo makes the blog!


Dioni is on the island.




One more day of wind today and then it's going to be glassy big waves for quite a few days... no complains about that!!!!!!!!
Maybe a Kona wind episode Friday/Saturday, but it's too early to forecast that very fickle wind. We'll see.
If we get it: good.
If we don't get it: still good.


benjaminpink said...

Great post. That shot of Rob Born is sweet. I bought that exact board from him just a couple months ago. He is getting out of windsurfing and only kiting so I bought his SOSRF68 ! I can't wait for spring time to use it!

Sharon said...

Agh, my pici isn't there and you already have a wicked one from Lanes, which either means I didn't win or I won!

Great shots-liked reader participation no matter the outcome (did I win?)!

Anonymous said...

"I see this guy often, but I don't know his name"

Peleg Miron, Israeli local sailor