Sunday, December 26, 2010

more waves

Yet another big north swell hit yesterday.

I took these photos at Hookipa at 5.40 with very low light. This is a tow surfer.

This one instead paddled into the wave with his arms.

Couple of clouds.

Thanks to the accuracy of the forecast tools available these days, seen direction, size, period and tide, I had planned my session at one of my favorite spots at 1 pm days in advance. Everything was confirmed and with the help of light offshore winds, the waves were absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately 20 more surfers had the same idea, but I got my share.

This morning should still be good. Tide is way too high, but hopefully at 7am there'll be less people.
Anyway, perfect or not, people or not, the important thing is to be out there catching waves and getting better (having fun in the process!).
Hey, I'm becoming a committed surfer! I like that...

PS. I was checking how the post came out when I saw in the "live traffic feed" column that a visitor from Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal) was connected.
First I went: "Hey, I've been there!" and then I noticed that he was on a September 08 post that I remembered quite well.
In fact, it had the best duck dive photo I have ever taken and you guys will forgive me if I'll post it again here.


Ronan said...

haha great photo!

Matias Besasso said...

Hey Im the paddle in surfer!!!! That was a great afternoon at Hookipa. Solid 8-10' and 3 guys out! I remember the tow in guy, I was thinking WTF?!?!?!?!