Friday, December 03, 2010

il teorema di Stokes

I didn't take photos today, but Jace Panebianco sent me an email that said:

Here are some photos from the run thru we did today at the Maui Arts & Cultural - Castle Theater.

Everything looked and sounded great. Please join us tomorrow, Saturday December 4th at 7:00PM

Its going to be a great night of skiing and windsurfing films.


That is going to give me the opportunity to make a post and report about a FANTASTIC wave sailing session I just had.
Well, actually right now I'm going to eat a pizza with Paolino Mazzoni with whom I had the pleasure to share the session, but when I'll be back I'll come back to this post and write about it.
The chances that the stoke will be faded away are nil.

Here's Jace's pics. Later.

Allright. The pizza wasn't exactly like Ciro a Mergellina, but it was good enough.
Back to the wave sailing session.
I remember one day last winter with a pretty big NE swell in which the whole reef of Maui's north shore was acting like a giant point break.
Who was out there will remember it. Pascal will remember it.
Well, today it was the mini version of that.
The waves were head to logo high and they were peeling right like on a point break.
The wind was light offshore and I had more than one wave that made me scream for the joy.
Turns in which, thanks to the complete lack of chop, I could feel every inch of the rail. I could feel the fins flex. And that is a very rare and precious feeling.

I'm so satisfied that I won't even check the forecast tonight...

PS. Maybe one day I'll explain the title... unless you're one of the (few) lucky owners of my book, you can't guess it.
PPS. One more day for submitting your photo and winning a WM2 dvd.


Anonymous said...

the theory of stoke?

cammar said...

I meant "il teorema di Stokes"... I just added to the title the final s that I forgot originally.

Here's what it is:'_theorem
To know how it is related to the post, you need my book. Or a really good imagination!

nico said...

ok. questa te la posto in italiano... faccio prima: mi puoi definire in italiano la differenza tra un onda da reef (tipo Maui, direi) ed un pointbreak?
Cmq bel post come al solito (come farei senza?)
Infine: czz non avevo letto del contest... un paio di belle foto le avevo pure io!!

cammar said...

Nico wants to know the difference between reef and point breaks.
A very short explanation is here:
When you think of a point break, you usually think of a long peeling wave that allows a lot of turns.
Picture 4 of this enjoyable Jeffrey's bay presentation (narrated by Shaun Thomson)

is a clear example of how a proper point break looks like.

On the other hand, when a swell hits a reef in Maui from a roughly perpendicular angle, it has a lot of power but rarely offers the opportunity of more than a couple of turns. That is the case of the dominant winter swells direction (NW).
But the the swell hits the reef at an angle (like NNE for example), then the waves peel a lot better and you can throw way more turns.
That's how it was the day I'm referring in this post.