Thursday, December 02, 2010

"you got to do what you got to do!"

That's how I communicated my approval to Levi when I saw him putting this sign next to his truck.

Then he went sailing and immediately substantiated the message with the same exact tweaked kind of aerials (in this one his back hand is off the boom... not sure if he went for a one hand one...).

The Windsurfing Movie 2 will be at the MACC together with the ski movie Revolver this Saturday at 7pm. Maui windsurfers, let's fill up that theater!
ALSO, I received the first 10 photos for the contest to win a free copy of the WM2. Still plenty chances to win, so submit your photo. My email should pop up when you click on "email me to advertise on this blog" on the right.
One photo per reader, max 300K size.
If you don't know how to resize photos, here you can download a free software to do that.

Session report.
Yesterday I was off (so I am today!) and spent pretty much the whole day at the beach. A moderate NNW swell filled in an I managed to have three sessions. That's really rare, since I usually go for the early and late ones, but yesterday it was an unusual day. First session from 12 to 1.30 was super windy and gusty: did not like it.
Than I sat to take photos and around 2.30 the wind dropped and all of a sudden it looked a lot better. I went out again and had a blast.
Fatigue brought me in around 4, but that was only for a 30 minutes break. Went out again at 4.30, soon there were too many surfers out (the wind got really light) and I moved down to Lanes. Nice to be completely alone, but it wasn't really lining up there with the low tide.

This is an interesting comparison between yesterday's wind graphs. This is Hookipa. Notice the strength, but also the direction.

This is Kanaha. Not only overall stronger (specially the lull green line), but also more onshore (that means choppy).

One of the things that creates such difference in the wind intensity between spots that are only 9 miles apart is the fact that there usually is a lot of moisture and clouds that are kind of stuck behind Pauwela Point and that, in my opinion, slows down the wind a bit.

The forecast for the next couple of days looks horribly windy. So my hope is that those clouds will keep it sailable for the ones that (like me) don't like strong wind. Go clouds, keep dumping it down in Haiku!!! (just lost at least 30 blog readers right there...).

High shore break warning (this is a unique Maui Surf Report feature) at Hookipa issued by GP for Friday at noon. Watch out you guys, it's going to be really mean!

The Triple Crown contest at Sunset Beach will be completed today. Lahaina boy Granger Larsen has been surfing real good and I wish him good luck.
Because of the unusual conditions brought by a not so sweet girl called La Nina, Sunset beach looks more like beach break on the east coast than the usual classic Hawaii, but the extremely professional and knowledgeable contest organizers are going to pull it off. They know it's going to go flat after today and they're running heats at two different spots to squeeze all the action in.
Actually, there's so many waves ridden that it's just as fun to watch.

Hey, almost forgot about the rest of the photos!
I must have had the camera on the wrong settings for a while, since I got a lot of blurred ones... I was probably distracted by Elena chatting in four different languages AT THE SAME TIME as she usually does...


This lady did a bum show right in front of my camera. Thanks.

I missed Josh Stone's opening HUGE push loop. This is nothing compared to that one...

Mark was all over the place as usual.

Lalo is back!



It was the last day for Matteo Spanu. Without a doubt, the best visiting italian sailor I've seen in Maui.

Mark. Bloddy awesome.


I also feel like mentioning that Levi, Josh, Keith, Pascal and Jesse Brown were killing it (together with Mark), but I fucked up the shots... sorry about that.

PS. Hey, I just saw Jadson Andre pearling on the take off just the way I do!!!


carlo said...

Grazie Matteo per aver portato l'orgoglio sardo a Maui :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the compliment gp!

wasn't easy but had one really epic glassy wave all for myself, 4 turns!

cammar said...

signature, please!