Friday, January 14, 2011

from sunday to sunday

Holy cow, the wave forecast for next week calls for continuous extra large surf!

Fortunately it will be from a very west direction, so hopefully not all of Maui's north shore will be closed out. Jaws going off for sure.

In the meantime, tomorrow (Saturday) the pressure could get high enough for a day of trades and maybe towards the end of next week too.
Windsurfers (and kiters), keep your fingers crossed.
Surfers, keep your fingers crossed the opposite way.
People who surf and windsurf (or kite), no need to do anything with your fingers, because you're gonna score for sure! Maybe do some stretching...


Meesh said...

hahaaaa funny! Hope it's epic, I'll follow the swell with your pictures. The second one is so big, that even next sunday is calling for biggies, so I can rest knowing that the swell will be waiting around for me!
Have fun!!

frippe75 said...

What weather service is that???

cammar said...

Yo Meesh,
shred the solid water!

Frippe, that's Requires subscription.