Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yet another awesome day at the beach

The conditions were more manageable than yesterday, hence there were more people in the water (which means more photo opportunities).

Despite the fact that Mark put up the usual show of amazing sailing, the photo of the day goes to Luke Siver with this glorious aerial.

Chronological order from now on.




Juan Manuel.

Skyler. Not the best shot, but he sailed really good.

I like the lines Laurent draws in his 360s.


El Pipe (Andres Martines).


This is my buddy Griffin.
We taught windsurfing together for a few years and I enjoyed working with him. Today he was on an aerial mission and after a bunch of entertaining crashes (which I can't document because of my poor photographic skills), he pulled off a couple of nice ones.

Elena had to go to a wedding at 4, so she sailed only 3 and a half hours...

Mark's damage of the day.


And Nico.

This one is not his best move, but I feel like publishing a photo of Morgan, because he sailed really well today. He's 16.

SORRY!!!! No other ladies passed in front of me today, I hope you understand!!!
In the end it's good for the business, isn't it? ;)

El pipe.

That's it for today. I'll see you guys at the beach or on the net.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you included Morgan and nice captures. Are you injured/not sailing ?

Anonymous said...

nice conditions and pics as well !
why nobody using angulo board ( exept Siver Senior now & mark's wife of course ) ?
and Levi where is ... long time we don't see him !
bye bye

Anonymous said...

It continues.....the possible return of the classic Angulo wave and sail logo? Way better than the blah "@" they are using now. Is Ed making these custon boards or is it Josh and Mark? All of their boards sail fantastically regardless of there graphics, but a great looking board sure helps. Loved the look and ride of the bold Chango's of 2008. Hey GP how about a feature on the blog about these new custom AN GU LO boards?

Maui Guy said...

Pretty insane photos. It's just mind boggling the caliber of surfers on this island. Keep posting them. Mahalo!