Saturday, January 29, 2011

helmet stick on the SUP

Here's another clip with the helmet stick. It was shot at resolution 4, the one that offers more pixels in the height. It was a good idea and I think the camera should be oriented more down to show the board more.

That was a day in which the waves were big, stormy and weird (they look small and clean instead, don't they?).

Today instead, from 3.30 to 5is the waves were as good as they get at the usual spot. Then a light evil WNW picked up and ruined them. Still fun enough to surf till dark as usual. AM session was up the coast. I'm toasted. Good night.

PS. Glenn, we missed you. Well, at least I did!


enricowave said...

Just a little more down, and the angle is perfect, this helmet stick maybe is perfect for sup, show very well the line of the wave, your direction, and it seems to be in board with you!!!
I'll try to make the same job...but I can work for my hobbyes only in the week end...I hope to finish the helmet for Easter...!!!
eh! eh! eh!

JB said...

Looks awesome. Great idea. With that wide angle, having it set up a little bit and not on the brim of a hat adds more of the action and is less impeded by arms, paddles etc. The angle adjustment would be a good idea to see more of the board, but you don't have to overdo it.