Sunday, January 16, 2011

my favorite conditions

As forecasted, yesterday a light trade breeze picked up.

Pure slog and surf at Hookipa with very smooth up to shoulder high waves. My absolute favorite conditions.
As the photos taken by Jimmmie Hepp clearly show, I had a lot of fun (before I broke my mast).

Hey, that's some decent spray!

Perfect example of how a photo can make a move look better than it was. I totally went off the back and I didn't even land it, but it looks cool... thanks Jimmie!!!

My rib is almost fully healed, but I think I'm gonna keep using the seat harness for a couple of more weeks.

Check out Jimmie's gallery of the day, he's got some nice bikini shots too! Like this one for example. Glenn is very focused when he sails...

It's the dawn of a brand new day in Maui, let's move on and see what's on offer today.
The new WNW swell rose from 2 to 20 feet at the NW buoy in 9 hours. That's the steepest rise I've ever seen! Unfortunately, the surfline graphic is an a weird .cfm format and I don't know how to convert it (any help?) and show it to you...
It peaked at 5 pm with 20 feet, 17 sec. This morning's latest reading at 4am is 16.5 feet, 15 sec from 287 degrees.

I would think that is a way too west direction to effect the north shore of Maui at all, but the Waimea buoy readings (12 feet, 18 sec from 310) reminds me of the great ability of long period swells to bend around lands and reefs.
In other words, it is actually possible that we will see some big waves on the north shore. I think there will be waves, but nothing huge. I'm just guessing based on my experience... this is something very hard to predict!

At the same time, if you look at the two maps below, you'll see how such a direction may lit up spots that are usually dormant. In other words, today there's a big opportunity to get on the road and surf spots that I've never surfed before... spots that I don't even know exist!

It would be very nice to have a handheld device that is able to go online and show webcams, but, shockingly enough, at the moment ATT (who made me an interesting proposal when I called them to cancel my account) still doesn't have any phone that supports Android 2.2 (hence flash) and I don't have that facility just yet.

Cool, it will be a real adventure then!
Mmm, maybe I should secure a quick sesh at Hookipa first... we'll see!


Nord_Roi said...

Woowww...excellent OFF THE LIP!!! Amazing speed...well I guess!

I'm glad the shot was took with dept of field in mind....

weasel's wake said...

If you continue to use the seat harness for a couple of more weeks, you may not like the waist harness any longer, it will improve your indurance and leverage (IMO). The trick is finding one with a high hook placement. Hot Sails makes a good one.

Joe Agliozzo said...

two words "the bay"

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

GP - CFM means the image is being produced by cold fusion markup, if that means anything to you. I'm surprised your browser doesn't let you simply right click on the image and save it, simple rename to .gif on the save. If that doesn't help there's always the screen caption way, using something like cropper

cammar said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Ben, what you should be surprised about is that I didn't know that I could just do that trick of changing the file extension... it works, thanks!