Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kona 2

What a great day it was. Again.

Pretty sure Polakow agrees...

In the morning the surf at Hookipa/Lanes looked epic (very light offshore), but I was pretty tired from two sessions the day before and I wanted to save my energies for the sailing action that I knew it was going to happen.

Despite the big rain that was hitting Kahului, I decided to go check Kanaha anyway. In fact, it was totally sailable and after calling a few friends that I have on the "come over it's good" speed dial, we hit the water around 1.

The waves were head high, the wind was extreeemely offshore and gusty. Thank god (or rather Jeff) I was on a brand new 4.2 Superfreak Maui Edition and that helped me last two hours. With a film sail, I doubt I could have handled one hour.
Two hours of big fun, sailing together with a bunch of friend... can't beat that!
At one point, out of 9 sails, 8 were Hot Sails and Jeff was out too... I guess he must have liked that!

I stole this photo from Rebecca's blog. There's a yellow Superfreak in front of that odd big wave and it must be either Nick or Jeff. For sure not me... I would have remembered that!

After that, I went to Lanes and took some photos. A bit late, since the sun was soon going to disappear behind the clouds, but hey... better than nothing!

Photo of the day (above), without any doubt goes to Polakow. He landed that aerial and rode the same wave all the way to the inside of Hookipa.

That's how Lanes looked from the bluff. Not a big day, but sure looks like fun!


Francisco Goya.


The surfing at Hookipa, in the meantime, was really, really good.





Alan Cadiz likes to drop in big bombs. And he's pretty damn good at that.

Nice turn!

Don't know who this is, but I want to mention that Albee Layer landed two consecutive big aerial rotations on a wave (one reverse and one front) that made me scream my appreciation from the bluff.
You guys know how many surf contests I watch online. That would have been a 10 in any ASP contest... FO' SURE!!

Dave and and another guy doing the hula, while trying to get back in.

All drop-ins are bad, but longboards drop-ins on shortboards are a tad worse... but he kicked out right away and...

...the shortboarder got covered!

A beauty at the Lane.

Pascal of course was the last one to leave. He has the keys of the place...

And now a couple of weather maps. That's yesterday (the day shown in the photos). There's 10 L's on that map. I think that's a record... you know what that means? It means a few things:
1) it's winter
2) no trade winds
3) there's waves!

This one instead is forecasted to happen around the 18th. That is a massive low that will stay almost stationary for quite a few days. Extra large surf from WNW-NW for a whole week!
It's winter and I'm happy! :)

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