Friday, January 21, 2011

hey GP, did you hurt your foot again?

No wonder I received that question a few times today... I spent the whole day like that!

Well yes, I bloody well did! I slipped on a slippery board and hit something (mast or footstrap, not sure) and broke my pinky toe... breaking foot bones is becoming one of my specialties!

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to surf, but I learned that when you're 48 you shouldn't to have any expectations about healing times...
Not too bad, as you can see I'm the world champion of making the most of any situation. Yes, there's beers in that cooler.

After a big Jaws day yesterday (quite a zoo, judging from the photos I saw online), Hookipa offered some very challenging but sailable conditions. Not too many people out (Levi, Keith and Polakow are on a trip), it was relatively easy for Mark Angulo to stand out. He was literally all over the place.

Zane was surfing Middles and didn't feel like moving his car, so he launched from there. He had to negotiate stuff like that.

This guy's name is Vincent and he's French.

Bernd's bottom turns have become really good. Once he builds the body mass to hit the lip harder or throw more spray in the top turns, he'll be as good as any of the top guys. Coming up soon...

Luke sported his brand new custom. Not a great day to try a new board and adjust the settings... specially considering that he never owned an asymmetrical nor a twinzer before!

The shaper, instead, has seen a few.
This is just ridiculous...



Zane. That's a dangerous situation. I guess his foot came out of the strap in time.


Didn't take Luke much to adjust.




A couple of friendly words.

Philippe had a looong swim.

Vincent sailed well, but this is the best photo I have of him.


K202 bailing out.

Mmm... not looking good Zane!


"I love to be in that barrel, but I also love to fly over that barrel", Mark says in the Windsurfing movie two.
Here he shows some coherence.

Bernd again. Look at that wall!



Kai K. went out with the second shift.

Just like Glenn. Didnt' take him much to figure out that the conditions were just too hard (strong, gusty, offshore, choppy, strong current, big close out sets... is that enough?).

The time window opportunity to take this shot was about one second. I did not miss.
So I am at the very top and this lady is at the very bottom?!?!? That's something very wrong about this post...

Tomorrow, more of the same. Maui, the best place in the world were to be injured. And not.

PS. Stay tuned, because I just came up with a new mount for the GoPro and I took some interesting footage yesterday.

Hang on!!! I got also a little clip from today...


Anonymous said...

hi GP, i'm a fan of you blog, it helps worming a bit the european winter, today i really got frozen windsurfing with under 10ÂșC.
Keep on the good posts, I just wish you would post more videos, i specially enjoy the in board go pro ones.
Wish your feet heals fast.

cammar said...

Windsurfing under 10 degrees C should be illegal! What were you thinking?!
Just kidding, big respect to all you guys who sails those harsh conditions.
Glad you liked it, but I'm not a fan of taking videos. I'm not a fan of taking photo sequences either.
I take photos exclusively for fun (except in those rare occations when someone hires me) and the challenge of pushing the button at the right moment with the right zoom and everything else, is way more fun than pushing the button early enough and just following the sailor...
Oh shit. I just realized you said you like gopro videos... that's a completely different story!
Well, in that case you'll be pleased by my next one. Just be a bit patient...
Thanks for reading my blog!

Maui Addicted said...

Get well soon!