Monday, January 03, 2011

it's not only me anymore!

Yesterday Hookipa was quite a spectacle.
I got there too late, but Jimmie Hepp took some beautiful photos in this gallery.

Today it was smaller and with a seriously puffy wind on the inside.
I had to grab this photo from Jimmie's today's gallery (and change the title of the post), because, even though there were a few other sailors already using a Superfreak at Hookipa, in this case we have a TOP level sailor who chose the unique feeling of the dacron.

Nick Warmuth is sponsored by Hot Sails Maui and he can choose any sail he wants in their line. He was on Fire's till he tried a Superfreak Maui Edition and fell in love with it. Next time I see him, I'm going to ask him what he liked about it. I've been saying it for years... those sails are something else. BTW, I have a 4.0 for sale.

Here's a few shots I took in chronological order.
Bernd. Not too shabby...

Robby Swift broke the mast foot and had some swimming to do.



Michi sailed sharp.

Browsinho rotates another one and puts some serious twist in his sail and mast.

After a big squall the wind got too light. I didn't sail, but I surfed.
It doesn't matter if it was fun or it sucked, I ALWAYS feel better after a surf session.
Toast to that.


Andrew said...

Nice pics. What board is Manu using there - a Bic wave board? I noticed the same one in The Windsurfing Movie II.

cammar said...

Custom board with Bic graphics (99% sure).

Anonymous said...

hi GP nice pics!
what about the big missing star....Levi is out of the game this days ?!
have you seen super scott on facebook ....margaret river was really impressive !!!!/photo.php?fbid=10150373687360570&set=a.10150373685895570.591360.728360569

cammar said...

Levi is out of town. Nice shots you linked!