Friday, January 01, 2016

1 1 16 morning call

Big waves on the north shore yesterday. Here's a couple of shots from the sunset session at Hookipa.
First one is Yuri Soledade.

Today's graph of the three buoys is perfect for tuning those travelling times. The swell peaked at midnight on the NW buoy, 12h later in Oahu and 15h later in Maui.
The period was 14s and if you remember GP's rule of thumb 12h at 16s and 16h at 12s, you can easily insert a new 14h at 14s in there. Actually those numbers are a little small, specially with the lower periods, but they're easy to remember. Mmm... maybe I should change them in 12 at 18 and 18 at 12 with a lovely 15 at 15 right in the middle, but I'd like to verify that with the next swell that will allow me to do so. Always fine tuning, but don't forget that you shouldn't get stuck on too much precision, because the approximations are many.

Anyway, 7f 13s at Pauwela at 5am is pretty solid size and it will slowly decrease throughout the day, but not by much. Not gonna be clean though, because of the onshore wind.

Wind map shows a WNW fetch on the left and a NNW on the right.
First one is not going to do much for us today, but it's shooting nicely at the Marshall islands that are where I put a little x. I got friends going there today, so I wish them plenty waves. Too bad for all that wind they'll be sitting right in the middle of.
Second one is nice and close and is the one responsible for Monday's extra large swell. But it's also so close that we're gonna get the onshores after the pass of the related front.

6am satellite picture shows the main front on Kauai. It's already northerly wind in Maui, but after the pass of that front is going to be definitely stronger. And cooler.

MC2km map at noon shows the onshore wind still on the light side.

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