Monday, January 18, 2016

1 18 16 morning call

Waves were still big, but most north shore spots started to be rideable yesterday.

What's been very rideable all these days since the big Friday swell has been Honolua Bay and the whole west side, of course. Below is an extraordinary photo by OneMoreFoto showing a surfer during the Saturday's contest Legends of the Bay.
You don't often see both surfer and photographer completely barreled like that.

Below is the reason why I don't and won't go to watch Jaws anymore: someone will make a video of it. 8 minutes of big waves from last Friday. Those guys are nuts.
Here's also a nice interview with Ian Walsh about that magic day.

Waves have been pumping on Oahu's north shore too of course, and these are the highlights of the just completed Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. Congrats Maui surfer Kaimana Henry for winning it.

Also congrats to Josh Kerr for winning the Todos Santos big wave contest yesterday. It wasn't as big/spectacular as the Peahi one (gonna be tough to beat that one!), but I enjoyed watching semis and final after my house arrest SUP session.



I put an arrow on the small humps of the three buoys graphs that were recorded yesterday. After that, you can see how steady the NW buoy got and you can expect that locally too.
At 4am Pauwela reads
7.8ft @ 13s from 327° (NW)
3.6ft @ 9s from 359° (N)
and that top reading might lose a foot and/or a second during the day, but not more than that. That's a good size for the north shore, all the spots should be surfable again and still well overhead.

Wind map shows a nice NW fetch and a new born WNW just coming out of Japan. That means continuous wave action on the islands' north shores.
The fetch from tropical storm Victor continues to be narrow, nothing to do with the one of Pali last week.
I also put a blue circle to highlight the no wind area in which we have been immersed for the last 10 days. The weather has consequently been amazing. Wednesday/Thursday we'll get a temporary burst of onshores.
MC2km map at noon shows no to light wind.

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