Thursday, January 21, 2016

1 21 16 morning call

Yesterday went just like forecasted. The Maui County @ 2km maps were ridiculously accurate, and  that allowed me to time my house arrest sweeping session perfectly.

I surfed from 9 to noon and the waves got progressively better. Around 10.30-11 a couple of cleanup sets cleared the lineup and for the last hour it was only three of us and beautiful head and a half to double overhead waves. Most of them would close out, but when a more westerly set would come, it would peel perfectly. I give that hour a 10.
In total, I caught something like 30 waves and found myself hoping that the onshores would finally arrive, so that I could paddle in and rest...

After that I went to Honolua Bay to take photos. It was kinda slow (swell more west than 335), but when the set arrived there sure was some size.

This is the biggest wave of the photoshoot.

Same guy on another nug.

Guy on a Rusty.

Dusty Payne beautiful carve after coming out of a barrel.

Dusty pulling in.

Dusty coming out with the spit.

Mark Anderson.

I'm sure Erik Aeder got some good shots, but he hasn't posted any yet on his instagram.

Talking about instagram, here's the photo that Kelly Slater (who is all over Maui) posted yesterday. He put a caption like: "nobody can avoid injuries with non removable fins. Such an old technology"... or something like that. This morning that caption is not there anymore, maybe the FCS guys got pissed off.
Anyway, hopefully Kelly is allright and we'll see more of his surfing before he allegedly leaves this weekend for a surf trip.

The three buoys graphs show the peak of the swell at each of them. The NW one tells us that the swell is going to diminish all day. But with 11.3ft @ 15s from 316° (NW) at 5am at Pauwela, I don't see that as a problem much. Not as much as the wind, at least.

Wind map shows the next fetch in line. That is a beauty that will move very close to the islands (more extra large waves on the way). And behind it there will be another one just as good. January keeps delivering.

Wind map closeup shows the NE flow.

MC2km map at noon shows the NE wind in the 10 to 15 knots range. The direction is way more onshore than the usual trades, so I'm calling it not sailable on the north shore.
No clean waves either for surfing, got to go west side for that.

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