Saturday, January 30, 2016

1 30 16 morning call

Yet another beautiful day of surfing of this January that deserves to be remembered.
I had a surf and a SUP session, but didn't take any pictures, so here's a couple of shots of Jaws from Wednesday.

Remember what I said about long period waves being more throwy? You don't want to get hit by that lip. Photo by John Patao.

Photographer Erik Aeder posted this shot with the following caption: "Kai Lenny drawing lines you could not on a 9 ft. gun..... sometimes I miss the constant action of the tow days."

Buoys are slowly trending down, even though Pauwela is stubbornly showing pretty high readings like 7.5ft @ 13s from 321° (NW) at 4am. That makes me question my plan of surfing Hookipa, hopefully in a couple of hours it will be less than that. At 13s, I prefer 6f. With light offshore and dressing on the side, please.

The Volcom Pipe Pro started yesterday.

Wind maps shows a nice solid NW fetch. That's the one for Monday's swell that is forecasted around 9f 15s.

I keep seeing fetches down south, even though Pat Caldwell says "No surf is expected from the southern hemisphere through the period and into the long range."
We'll find out in a week.

MC2km at noon shows light trades up the coast. Might be enough for sailing, but the 10 men rule might be in effect all day at Hookipa.

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