Sunday, January 17, 2016

1 17 16 morning call

First of all, this is the link to the Todos Santos big wave contest live streaming that should start at 6.45am Maui time. Dave Kalama did so well commentating the Peahi one that they invited him again. That's one extra reason to watch it for me, I'm such a big fan of him.

Yesterday was still pretty big and unsurfable in most places on the north shore.
The open men division of the Legends of the bay contest instead was held in great conditions at Honolua and was won by Kevin Sullivan. The other divisions will be run another day.
Good conditions also for the body board contest at Paia Bay, this is a shot from the Keiki division. I believe it runs also today.

This is from the "beauties just passing by" division.

Couple of more (ridicolous) photos from the big Friday at Jaws.  The level they're pushing is incredible.
Pedro Calado, photo by Erik Aeder.

Shane Dorian, photo by Jimmie Hepp.

The graph of the NW buoy shows a tiny bump that happened last night that should be reflected locally today. Bump that will be hard to detect in the water, since at 5am Pauwela reads
9.5ft @ 14s from 322° (NW)
3.6ft @ 12s from 322° (NW)
2.1ft @ 10s from 340° (NNW)
and that is still a lot of energy.
In other words, big waves on the north shore also today.

Wind map shows a long fetch that goes all the way from Asia to America. We'll get energy from the tail of it. More storms coming in the next few days, winter is in full throttle.
Victor has a narrow fetch aimed at us, hopefully we'll get some energy, but it should be small.

This map is from Jan 10 and shows a decent fetch that I circled and pointed out the possible angular spreading of it. Here's what Pat Caldwell had to say about it on Friday Jan 15:
"A severe gale tracked east along 55°S to the SE of New Zealand 1/9-11. It aimed highest seas at the Americas. Angular spreading could bring small, long-period breakers locally. It should slowly fill in Sunday, peak Monday from 180-200 degrees, and drop on Tuesday"
It feels good to have the confirmation from the real experts.
Barbers only shows the NW wrap, but that doesn't mean that the southerly energy is not there. It's just too small compared to the NW one to be registered. As usual, check the Lahaina webcam before going.

MC2km map at noon shows very light wind.

Yesterday at the shop I pushed a surfboard against my chest to see how it feels. The rib cage felt weak and unstable, I got plenty more time of recovery in front of me.
"You're out for the winter", one of the doctors I saw said. He might as well have been right.
SUP is my house arrest. If I was religious, I would thank the Lord for it. Instead I thank the Laird.

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