Sunday, January 31, 2016

1 31 16 morning call

Give Maui an opportunity to be windy and it will.
The wind ruined my early morning session yesterday, I sure got spoiled by all those glassy days lately. Then windsurfing happened, but I had to work.

In need of a change and not inspired by any action shots, for today's call I picked a photo of a surfboard posted by shaper Joshua Weisfeld who is clearly not scared to think different.
I've been trying to imagine how that thing rides, but I'm pretty sure that my guess is wrong.
Not an easy one to glass and sand either, that's for sure.

Interesting numbers at the buoys since Pauwela has been 2 feet bigger than NW and Waimea for the last 36 hours or so. I think that's because the last stages of the fetch that generated the big super long period swell on Wednesday where east of the dateline and aiming at the Mainland's west coast. As a consequence, we're getting more angular spreading than the islands west of us.
Anyway, whatever the reason is, I'm sure not gonna complain about it and enjoy the 6.1ft @ 13s from 332° (NNW) that are still recorded in the Maui waters at 3am.

The wind will pose a threat though. You can see from the wind map below that the trades area moved north a bit and now we are right at the edge of it. Notice also the two fetches. The NW one is what's left of yesterday's powerful one (swell on Monday). The WNW one is a new one entering the arena.
I did a whole 2 weeks windity run and didn't particularly like what I saw in the first week, but once again, weather and waves like we had throughout the whole month of January are rare.
I did see some windless days in the second week of February though and that's good for the surf. In Maui the local wind conditions are FAR more important than the size of the waves.
Or at least, I personally enjoy more 2 glassy feet than 6 bumpy ones.

MC2km map at noon shows plenty wind for wind powered sports.

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