Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday 2 27 17 morning call

Just one session for me yesterday, but an excellent one in the early morning clean conditions.
This is how Hookipa looked at sunset, the MC2km updated maps called the wind staying up till late correctly. As predicted in yesterday's call, the waves were bigger than at dawn.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

Lanai 2.2ft @ 14s from 283° (WNW)

Still some wrap, check the webcams.

North shore
6.8ft @ 14s from 352° (N)
4.9ft @ 11s from 347° (NNW)
2.9ft @ 10s from 351° (N)

6.4ft @ 14s from 334° (NNW)
3.5ft @ 11s from 344° (NNW)

5.9ft @ 14s from 341° (NNW)
2.7ft @ 11s from 7° (N)
2.4ft @ 5s from 85° (E)
2.3ft @ 9s from 34° (NE)
The NW swell had a bump at the NW buoys that arrived also locally, as the graph of the three reported buoys shows below. It should be pretty stead throughout the day, maybe with a slight decrease at sunset. Seen the moderate easterly trades and the favorable direction (341 at Pauwela), I'm going to the bay early, stay tuned for a beach report. My guess for the size of Hookipa is head and a half to occasionally double.

We are definitely out of the clouds. Satellite photo at 4am.

I think I'm going to stop posting the 7am map from the NAM3km mpdel, and just post the iWindsurf sensor reading at the time of the call. This morning at 5am Hookipa is showing 11mph (6-17) from 107, which is sideoff.
Below is the map at 2pm, that shows excellent windsurfing conditions. Please check the MC2km maps when they update them for confirmation.

Current wind map shows:
1) a distant NW fetch. Related swell forecasted by Surfline to pick up Tuesday and reach 2f 14s from 308 on Wednesday
2) moderated NE fetch. Related swell (the one from yesterday's fetches) already here (2.7ft @ 11s from 7°) and forecasted to turn more NNE (4f 10s from 29 tomorrow).

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