Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday 2 18 17 morning call

Fun day of surfing on the north shore yesterday, here's a photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery.
Can't remember the name of that guy, but that's an example of a guy you can call moke.

Unlike my friend Moke (whose real name is Mark), whom I dropped in at the Bay (and posted the video) a couple of weeks ago. He got his two favorite boards stolen off his truck during a 2 minutes surf check at Paia Bay. Sucks.

Here's the photos I took at sunset at Hookipa after my afternoon session. You usually see much younger surfers trying that.

Classic relaxed body language from Sean Ordonez.

It's been a while I haven't posted one of those.

Sometimes it's good to have a look at what happens behind you.

I crashed into Tatiana's Butterfly Effect's (April 15) staff meeting. Lovely bunch of girls.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.2ft @ 13s from 261° (W)
Waves in Kihei were around waist high yesterday with a higher readings. Probably knee high today, but check the webcams.

North shore
3.2ft @ 11s from 287° (WNW)           

3.6ft @ 13s from 309° (WNW)           
2.4ft @ 10s from 334° (NNW) 

3.1ft @ 12s from 328° (NW)
2.7ft @ 10s from 339° (NNW)

Relatively small waves (for the season, at least) on tap on the north shore today. Should be still head high at Hookipa, check the beach report that I will do again at 6.30am from the lookout where I'm going to meet my surf guide customer for another session together.

Surf early, because some models show a light onshore/trades flow as early as 9am. As I said yesterday, this is going to be a pretty bad week from the wind point of view. The windguru table below is pretty explicit. Fortunately it's just a week.

Euro model shows no wind at 7am.

NAM3km map at 4pm shows the onshore getting stronger starting from the west side, but a light onshore flow is predicted to start already in the morning.

Current wind map shows:
1) small and distant new  NW fetch
2) intensifying and very close NW fetch. Related swell will peak Sunday night/Monday morning at around 10f 13s
3) tiny NNE fetch

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FYI First pic I think that is "Mike" not moke!