Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thursday 3 2 17 morning call

Double session at Hookipa yesterday, the 11am one started out really fun with those 10 seconds glassy head highers, but after an hour, as correctly predicted by the MC2km maps, the wind ruined it. The board I bought from the guy at Honolua, worked surprisingly well in those conditions, to the point that I now called it "10s" and I'm going to use it with those kind of periods. A 15.5 inches wide tail and tick rails can be a nightmare on a steep overhead wave, and a blessing on a slopy sub head high one.
Damn, now I have 5 good boards in my quiver. How did that happen?

No photo of the day from yesterday, here's my lovely coworker Noelle showing one of the Hi-Tech rental boards (In The Pink by Donald Takayama).

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
4.4ft @ 7s from 170° (S)
1.4ft @ 12s from 218° (SW)
1.4ft @ 3s from 197° (SSW)
Kona windswell + 1.4f 12s at the Lanai buoy, that could be fun tomorrow when the wind will die. It should still be blown out today, but check the webcams to verify that.
North shore
7.6ft @ 8s from 112° (ESE)
2.6ft @ 12s from 33° (NE)
4.7ft @ 9s from 56° (ENE)
1.7ft @ 12s from 344° (NNW)
The North buoy is in the middle of active ESE winds, so it registers its windswell, but we only care about the NE 12s reading because that is heading our way. Locally, the ENE swell will be predominant. 56 degrees is a direction that hits Hookipa fairly well, but the Pauwela graph below shows it on its way down. Hopefully those 1.7f 12s from NNW will add some lines, but it should be a fairly small day, stay tuned for the beach report.

NAM3km map at 7am shows a southerly flow. iWindsurf sensor at Hookipa reads 5mph from SW at 5.20am, which as good as it gets. Too bad it's not 5f 15s!

The southerly flow is confirmed also by the HRW model at the bottom of the Windguru page but, as usual, check the MC2km maps later in the morning.

Make sure they are updated (red circled time stamp on the top right needs to be today's date), the first 24 hours are reliable, but not the second ones. For example, here's today's 11am prediction from yesterday's run and my guess is that it's completely wrong (it shows trades) and it will very different in the updated maps. I'll try to remember to do a mid morning update with the updated map at the same time to show the difference.

This is the 4am satellite photo. The center of he low moved north and we might be able to see the sky today.

Current wind map shows:
1) small but close westerly fetch. The low it belongs to is pretty intense, but the strongest winds are on its west side and aiming north to south
2) windswell fetch


6.30am update. Seen the high tide, I waited at home until I could check the webcams. Here's Hookipa on the left and Lahaina on the right. There might be bigger waves on the south shore, but much cleaner at Hookipa, so I'm going there. Will report later.

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