Friday, July 06, 2018

Friday 7 6 18 morning call

A day of rest for me, despite the many opportunities of ocean sports. One could have been windsurfing at Hookipa, here's a photo by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery that shows what I wrote on Monday: well overhead at Hookipa and the east facing shores. Possibly reaching double overhead during the windiest hours of the day.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

3.3ft @ 13s from 167° (SSE)

3.7ft @ 13s from 173° (S)

3.7ft @ 13s from 173° (S)

3.4ft @ 14s from 190° (S)

Beautiful numbers at the buoy, the new swell did arrive and looks solid. Despite the possible alternative of surfing the easterly energy, I got things to do on the Lahaina side, so I'll report as soon as I'll get there.

In the meantime, Ala Moana looks pretty good at first light. That set was well overhead.

North shore
8.8ft @ 8s from 57° (ENE)
1.8ft @ 14s from 127° (ESE)

8.7ft @ 9s from 60° (ENE)

The 14s reading at Mokapu could be Fabio's swell, Pauwela doesn't register it and that's no surprise, seen the ESE direction. Got to go to Hana to eventually get that. But almost 9f 9s from 60 degrees will make up for that. Plenty energy all day at Hookipa, it should be well overhead again.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific relentlessly produces windswell fetches. Fabio's wind is now down to 40 knots and it's just going to add a bit of energy to the trades. I did a whole two weeks Windity run and, with a few ups and downs, the windswell will keep on rolling.

South Pacific has a well oriented and positioned but small and relatively weak S fetch and a SSE one.

Morning sky.

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