Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday 7 15 18 morning call

13 hours of working was all I did yesterday. I'm so thankful that I only do that once a year. Kai Lenny instead won the second Maui to Molokai race which, I assume, had less wind and smaller waves than the first one, but the wind hugged the Molokai coast better allowing him to foil all the way to the finish line and set a new record of 2h 17m. Lots of assumptions there, don't quote me. I also saw a shot of Zane (who came second) foiling with a Maliko 200 this time, while the previous time (seen the stronger wind and bigger waves) he was on a Iwa. No idea what foil Kai was on.

Here's the super human at the arrival, for once looking a little tired.

5am significant buoy readings
South shore
2.1ft @ 11s from 154° (SSE)

1.5ft @ 11s from 185° (S)
1.2ft @ 16s from 217° (SW)

Everything as predicted at the buoys. The old S swell is down to minimal levels of energy, while a new low long period SW one shows up at Barbers. Excited? You shouldn't. The start of a new SW swell coming from the Tasman Sea is always painfully slow and there won't be that many sets. As a matter of fact, the waves I'm watching on the split screen at Ala Moana seem to mostly belong to the old swell and there's frequent moments of flatness.

This one instead is a solid 16s one, so conditions should slowly improve throughout the day (from the wave size and consistency point of view, of course). I'll probably cruise over the Lahaina side later, right now I'm enjoying a lazy morning of rest.

North shore.
4.6ft @ 8s from 60° (ENE)
3.6ft @ 7s from 58° (ENE)
Windswell only at Hookipa, that's gonna be the case for the whole week, but with higher numbers towards the second half thanks to the increase of the trades which is forecasted. Below is the windguru 10 days table. I see some downwinders happening.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has a couple of windswell fetches.

South Pacific doesn't have much other then the possible angular spreading of a swell oriented towards the Americas.

Morning sky.

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