Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday 7 30 18 morning call

xAn extended windfoiling lesson was all my arms could take yesterday. And while I was flying over the water propelled by the wind with a sail in my hands, those 10 guys were flying over the water in the channel between Molokai and Oahu still propelled by the wind, but with the help of the wind waves and their paddles. Sounds easier, but it's so much more difficult and exhausting. These are the official results of the foil category, you can find all the results here.

Kai Lenny smashed everybody else again, continuing to strengthen his legend status. Too bad there wasn't a south swell going, as he would have probably caught a wave at China Walls, got barreled and ridden the inside bump all the way to the finish line. Impressive job also by the two teenager follow up-ers. Expect more shots and videos to start populating the social media (and this blog) in the next couple of days.

This is Nathan Van Vuuren with Kai still in site, probably at the beginning of the race.

3am significant buoy readings
South shore
1.1ft @ 14s

1.1ft @ 13s from 198° (SSW)

Somehow Barbers disappeared from the Surfline buoy page (link n.11), but hopefully it will come back soon, as it's still running. The NOAA page is kind of useless as usual, as it indicates only 1f at 10.5s, but I'm sure that there also is longer period energy as the other two reported buoys indicate.
Probably the usual flat to knee high, I'll report IF I go there for a quick pre-downwinder SUP foil session (and coffee).

Oh, here we go. Back already with the 4am reading confirming what I wrote and actually even sensing a sliver of 20s energy.
1ft @ 14s from 208° (SSW)
0.4ft @ 20s from 193° (SSW)

This is a decent 13-14s waist high plus set at Ala Moana that I caught right away, nothing much more in the following 15 minutes and plenty flat spells.

This one gives a better idea of the day.

And this one shows a 10s set that didn't even managed to break. The difference between 1f @ 13s and 1f @ 10s is noticeable.

Below is the collage of the maps of July 24, 25, 26 and 27. Nothing to be particularly excited, but there was a small fetch that generated a swell that Surfline predicts to reach 2f 14s on Wednesday.

North shore
4.6ft @ 7s from 73° (ENE)

Small windswell at Pauwela, but the trend for increasing trades and that'll bring it up a notch.

Wind map at noon: strong easterly winds. Thanks Kai for the inspiration, I'll be out there struggling to catch something, with you flying over the water in my mind.

North Pacific only has the windswell fetch, as the out of season low moved north as predicted.

After a week of almost nothing, the South Pacific has a proper south fetch. Pretty weak (only 25 knots), but also pretty large. 2.7f 15s predicted by Surfline on Tuesday August 6, which means that the fetch should be stronger tomorrow.

Morning sky.

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