Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Wednesday 7 4 18 morning call

A SUP foiling and a shortboard session for me yesterday. As reported in the 11am report, the waves in Lahaina started pumping mid morning and there were plenty head high sets. Didn't wait enough to take a shot of one of those, as I was having one of my typical days full of activities and wanted to get in the water as soon as possible. I scored three memorable waves in my shortboard session.

This instead is the big fire that developed in the afternoon south of Pukalani. Next I'm gonna call one on the West Maui's, it's as dry as I've ever seen it.

2am significant buoy readings
South shore

2.7ft @ 13s from 160° (SSE)

3.3ft @ 12s from 176° (S)

2.4ft @ 12s from 183° (S)

3.2ft @ 13s from 198° (SSW)

South swell went down a second, but the size is still there and actually still slightly building, hence there should be still plenty fun on offer on the Lahaina side. High crowd advisory because of the holiday. Beach report as soon as I get there. Below is the graph of Barbers (blue line).

North shore
5.2ft @ 8s from 64° (ENE)

Windswell gradually building. I bet Hookipa is head high, possibly bigger during the windiest hours of the day. Windsurfing should be fun. Early morning surf could be allright too, if the wind stay calm as it is now at 4.20am. Check the wind meter on the right for the real time indication.

Non updated (more than a day old) wind map at noon.

North Pacific has three fetches:
- the windswell one
- a newly formed NE one
- the small E one from Hurrican Fabio, slowly moving to the WNW

Here's the predicted movement of Fabio, which won't be a threat for Hawaii since it's moving into colder waters and will weaken. Still predicted to send us a long period E swell (5f 15s) during the weekend though.

Here it is circled in red in this beautiful image of our planet.

Three fetches also in the South Pacific: a perfectly positioned but relatively weak S one NE of New Zealand and a couple of SSE ones. All of them will contribute to keep the background surf going and this summer is continuing to produce waves.

Morning sky.

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