Monday, July 09, 2018

Monday 7 9 18 morning call

Triple SUP foiling session for me yesterday, as I had boards to try. Later on, windsurfing at Hookipa looked pretty fun (not quite as fun as yesterday, though), but I wisely passed and took some photos instead. Andres had a blast.

Proper goiter attempt on a non proper goiter section.

Pavils looked fun too, but packed with very good surfers.

The size was still there, as this photo of Levi shows. Everybody wrongly calling it "the hurricane swell" while in my opinion, it had nothing to do with it. The difference between 9 and 15 seconds is so evident, you don't even need to count.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore

2ft @ 12s from 140° (SE)                      
1.5ft @ 15s from 125° (ESE)
3.9ft @ 12s from 100° (E)
2.8ft @ 11s from 102° (ESE)
2.6ft @ 14s from 117° (ESE)
1.7ft @ 13s from 181° (S)
1.6ft @ 10s from 183° (S)
0.9ft @ 16s from 166° (SSE)
Tricky readings at the buoys because, seen the unreliability of the direction indications, it's hard to tell if the 14-16s ones are from Fabio or a new southerly pulse. Whatever they are, the presence of 0.9f 16s at Barbers (fortunately already back on the Surfline buoys page) does suggest that there is some long period southerly energy. Let's have a look at the collage of the fetches of July 2, 3, 4 and 5 to see what to expect in the next four days (might have to make this a permanent fixture of Mondays and Thrusdays).
As you can see, there is a small fetch NE of New Zealand pretty much every day and that should keep the background (knee high) surf going. But on the 3rd there was also a strong, not well oriented fetch S of New Zealand and that's the one responsible for the small long period pulse predicted by Surfline and NOAA for tomorrow afternoon.
I'm watching the Ala Moana cam while typing this call, and the energy is minimal, but very inconsistently there's a nice set. That's pretty much what we can expect today on the south shore of Maui too. It's going to be smaller than yesterday, that's for sure.

There's a set like this (head high) every 15-30 minutes or so at Ala Moana. In the meantime, there's smaller shorter period waves and also spells of flatness.

North shore
1.9ft @ 15s from 119° (ESE)            

4.7ft @ 8s from 39° (NE)
2.7ft @ 11s from 92° (E)                      
0.9ft @ 16s from 86° (E)

Windswell down to 4.7f 8s, Hookipa will be MUCH smaller than it's been the last few days.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific today shows lighter trades and a much weaker than the last 2 weeks windswell fetch. Expect the windswell to quickly go down in size.

South Pacific offers that fetch in the Tasman Sea which has now enlarged, but lost some steam.

Morning sky. Should a glorious sunny day with lighter trades not bringing too much rain on the windward side.

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