Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday 5 30 19 morning call

I was taking photos of the foilers after my longboard session when Miki Eskimo showed up and started stretching right in front of me.
"Downward facing old dog?", was my teasing line.

To which, he replied with this quite impressive almost split. The hat is in honor of the recently passed away Niki Lauda, who was Austrian like him.

He went out followed by Francky's drone in order to get a shot to dedicate to the Formula 1 pilot.

Which I think he got right there. Probably not the easiest thing to foil looking up.

Will we ever see tandem foil boards with two foils? Probably not.

Shore break beauty.

3-4am significant buoy readings
3ft @ 14s from 191° (SSW)

2.6ft @ 13s from 175° (S)

South swell slowly declining through the rest of the week, but still providing fun size waves. The one in the screen shot below is head high, but check the webcam yourself before going, because it might have been the set of the day.

North shore
4.2ft @ 10s from 329° (NW)

2.1ft @ 9s from 339° (NNW)
2ft @ 11s from 317° (NW)

4.5ft @ 9s from 329° (NW)

3.2ft @ 7s from 78° (ENE)
2.2ft @ 9s from 352° (N)
2.1ft @ 10s from 344° (NNW)

New pulse of short period NW energy has arrived, Hookipa will have waves in the head high range, getting bigger with the higher tide and active windswell in the afternoon. Another good day for the windsurfers, I'd say.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific still offers a fetch, this time in a NNW position and very weak (not even 20 knots in most of it).

South Pacific has a solid fetch in the Tasman Sea, but the portion of it that won't be blocked by Australia and New Zealand is as narrow as the red circle I drew. And then, the waves will have to make through Fiji and and several other islands. So, low consistency and low expectations please, but there should be little SSW swell in a week.

Morning sky.

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