Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wednesday 5 22 19 morning call

I'm on the injured list again, as yesterday I hit the reef pretty hard with my lower back. Fortunately it should only be a big bruise, no ribs or kidneys involved. No idea of how long it will take to heal. It will take what it will take and whatever it will take, I'll be perfectly fine with it.

I might take a break from the calls though, this morning I don't really feel like it.
All I can say is that Lanai is reading 3.1ft @ 15s from 191° (SSW) at 3am and the Lahaina webcam is showing some awesome waves so.... go get them!

Just for completeness of the online archive (one way of seeing this blog), here are the fetches maps.
North Pacific has a nice NW fetch.

South Pacific showing signs of slowing down a bit with just a small S fetch.


blind jim said...

Feel better soon! I've found it's not the insult, it's how we handle'll be barreling sooner than most. blind ho'o jim

elysurf said...

Hey GP, hoping for a speedy recovery, yet take the time you need. Brah!

Carlos da Silva said...

Aloha! Sorry to hear your injured. Let me know if you need anything bro or a ride somewhere if you can’t drive. I’m in the neighborhood.
Carlos da Silva in Haiku ( Portugal) (206)271-6772

cammar said...

thank you guys all