Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Tuesday 5 7 19 morning call

Two shortboard sessions for me yesterday. From the lookout I ranked Hookipa as an 8, but then I forgot to post the beach report. That was actually a good thing, as it wasn't as good as it looked. I mean, there were waves that were eights, but not many. Overall, it was more like a high 6 for me.
5am significant buoy readings
South shore
1.8ft @ 14s from 195° (SSW)
2.5ft @ 13s from 179° (S)
South swell yesterday was at 15s today is down a bit. There should still be waves on the south shore, just a bit smaller than yesterday. That's what the webcam shows below. I love the perfect shape of that A-frame.
North shore
5.7ft @ 9s from 49° (NE)
4.8ft @ 9s from 1° (N)
The lower part of the screen shot is the Hookipa cam and as you can see, also there the waves went down a bit in size. That is reflected by the buoy readings, showing a period of a second or two less than yesterday (notice also the more northerly direction). Both shores will be trending down today, but conditions should be good everywhere due to the lack of wind. Check the hourly wind maps (link n. -2) for details.
Wind map at noon. Should be calm till 10ish.
North Pacific has a wide NW fetch of moderate intensity. 
South Pacific continues to offer small fetches that are part of much bigger and strong ones aimed east of us.
Morning call.

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