Saturday, November 02, 2019

Saturday 11 2 19 morning call

Brett Lickle posted a video of a foiling collision that happened two days ago on his Instagram. Since foiling only requires relative steepness, it is pretty common to share waves. In which case, awareness of the other foilers is very important. Fortunately, in this case nobody got seriously hurt and he got a couple of nice legs on board!

4am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
1.8ft @ 14s from 195° (SSW)
1.4ft @ 11s from 212° (SW)
0.9ft @ 10s from 240° (WSW)

1.4ft @ 14s from 186° (S)
1.2ft @ 11s from 196° (SSW)
0.8ft @ 10s from 221° (SW)
Small numbers at the buoys, small waves on the cam. That's a knee higher. Check the webcam yourself if interested.

North shore
4.2ft @ 9s from 31° (NE)
2.2ft @ 8s from 61° (ENE)
Only 4ft 9s energy from the NE, today is going to be a small day at Hookipa and on the eastern exposures.

Wind map at noon

Kahului Tides

High Tide     High Tide     Low Tide     Low Tide       Sunrise   Sunset
6:51a  +2.2                      10:58p  +0.4                         6:31a   5:51p   

North Pacific has a NW fetch in a position that is close enough to produce a swell that Surfline predicts to be 10ft 14s Monday night.

Couple of decent fetches in the Southern Hemisphere.

Morning sky.

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