Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4 19 update

Forgot to charge my phone, but I got time to post an update from home after my session and before going to work.

Waves were in the head high range with occasional bigger sets. It was uncrowded (still is) and the lefts at the Point were fun. Chip even found a little cover up. That's how good of a surfer he is.

This looks like Kody Kerbox (not sure though) and that's a good bottom and top turn combo.

In the meantime, at 7am the NW buoy reads 2.4ft @ 18s from 302° (WNW) and that's a much better indication of the direction the swell is going to start from. Too west for the west side I'm afraid, but Hookipa should see some energy. 18s periods take 12s to get to Maui.
Waimea reads 0.5ft @ 22s from 318° (NW).

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