Saturday, November 13, 2010

hookipa 11 13 2010

Well, it wasn't epic or awesome, but Hookipa yesterday was still a lot of fun!

It wasn't super crowded, but I noticed a much better behavior in the water. It seems almost impossible that my post about wave priorities has been read (and agreed) by so many sailors already, but I don't know what else to think.
Even Levi congratulated me for that post in a little chat while sailing.
"Dude, that was a great post!"
"Hey, did I say anything wrong?"
"Nothing, it was perfect!"
Thanks Levi, that felt good.

I even heard that sailors where behaving better in Kanaha!
Anyway, whatever it was, it's a great thing if that post will help people understand and respect the rules better. So please share it on Facebook, your blogs, etc...
I'm not looking for traffic here, I'm looking for happier sailing.
Here's the direct link to that post:
And I made a label for it. So later on you can just say to people in need of learning: Go on GP's blog (google mauisurfreport and it's the first of the list) and look for the label "wave priority".

Anyway, thanks everyone for reading, sharing and most importantly, following those etiquette rules.

Back to yesterday.
I took a few pics between sessions, but I wasn't particularly inspired and that kind of shows. Don't have a favorite photo, here they are in chronological order.




This girl was hot.



When I saw this one I went:"what?!"... then I saw it.



Today it will be a relatively small day, mostly windswell, but tomorrow the waves will steadily build during the day, so you guys may want to rest a bit...
On the other hand, next week will be absolutely windless so the people who windsurf only may want to get as many hours as possible in...

PS. I wonder if someone ever reads what's written in header of this blog:
Email me if you need to rent a car or a place in Maui or if you need a surf or windsurf lesson. I can help you out with all of the above.

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