Friday, November 26, 2010

the PBI + Hookipa sailing

The annual Paia Bay Invitational was held, as tradition, yesterday on Thanksgiving day.

Ian and Danny are the true heart of this fun event and big thanks go to them for gathering a bunch of friends to spend a day at the beach in a really fun way (and for offering a delicious dinner afterwards!).

Of course GP ended up in a heat with three ladies...
In particular, Michelle and Olga are some of the people I'm most happy to meet in the lineup, so it was like surfing with my favorite surfing buddies.
They both deservingly (and easily!) advanced without bruising my non existing ego a bit. Good job girls!

The judging panel.

Ulli showed off his head stance right away.

Beautiful contestant paddles out.

Michelle showed off her hairy fanny kit.

The contest was won by Thomas, followed by Craig, Tatiana and Michelle.
Unfortunately I couldn't stay all day and watch the rest of the event, since I had to go take photos at Hookipa (not a bad job anyway).
It was worth it, because I got a few good ones of Andrea.

This is Nils.

Andrea again.




Looks like Andres shaped himself another AM board...

Looks like it works too!

Paolino Mazzoni makes the blog!



After the photoshoot (and a mini nap at home), I felt like going sailing myself and entered the water at Hookipa around 4.30ish right after a major squall. Everybody knows that that's when the wind drops, but I always like the challenge of the light wind and I just needed to get wet.
Well I sure achieved that, since when I got to the waves (i.e. after 10 seconds I launched) the wind completely died leaving me floating on the inside.
Upwind of the launching beach, the current pulls upwind and so I ended up getting ingloriously out of the water at Pavillions. I'm surprised they didn't throw turkey at me...
Thanks to Alex and Andrea who came to help me.

Next 7 days weather maps look pretty grim to me.
So far this La Nina winter has been delightful, but, other than a compact and relatively near low that should send a moderate short lived NNW swell for Tuesday/Wednesday, next week will see a dominance by high pressures blocking any other kind of ground swell from the northern hemisphere.

God, let's hope Griffin's prophecy wasn't true!


(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

GP - speaking of 7 day weather models, I thought you might be interested in

which I hope makes it easier to view the the models (and feel free to link to this if you like).

Sharon said...

It doesn't matter how many times Meesh whips out her hairy minge, it always makes me laugh. This one looks like it could have caused a bit of drag...nice full frontal!

Anonymous said...

Has Meesh thought of having a Brazilian?