Monday, November 08, 2010

Hookipa 11 7 - Back to normal

You can't really call the level of the sailors at Hookipa "normal", but the fact that the pack of pros has left for Cabo Verde was indeed noticeable.

Still, as you can see from the photos I took, plenty radical action to report of.
Graham gets the shot of the day. He was all over the place with goiters, takas, late hits and all sort of things.

Chronological order now.
Mr. Taboul from the beach angle.

Levi plays with a left.



Sardinia 1 Matteo Spanu is on the island. First time I see him sailing and he's pretty damn good.


Graham mid taka.



I've been told that this is Kai Hopf with a new North.


Ex formula one driver Andrea De Cesaris enjoys windsurfing.


The waves you see are 100% windswell and the reason I took so many photos is that I had a day off and, in order to avoid the crowd and the nuking wind, I had a very early session and a very late one.

Today there's a new NW swell at around 4 feet, 14 seconds. The wind will still be quite easterly and strong (which can be alternatively read as offshore and gusty). In other words, plenty more action today.
I work till two.

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Ernout said...

Great pics! and btw thanks for the always entertaining blog.

So Levi's not leaving for Cabo V. this time? too bad!